The Gentleman's Muse

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When a frantic man races after David on a London street, he's certain the fellow is a lunatic. But in fact, Isak Jensen is an artist caught by David's beauty. He coaxes David to model for him, for a generous fee, of course. David, down on his luck and with a sister to support, agrees--despite his undeniable and dangerous attraction to the eccentric, wealthy artist. The sort of attraction that has led him into trouble before.
Enjoying rising fame as a painter, Isak struggles to keep his emotional distance from his handsome model--unsuccessfully. Dodging downstairs gossip and swirling intrigue amongst the servants, he and David indulge in clandestine rendezvous. Until the problems that hound David land on Isak's doorstep in the shape of a former lover, a conniving aristocrat who preyed upon both David and his sister.
With a looming scandal in a censorious society threatening to destroy Isak, David, and his sister, Isak makes a perilous offer that could save them all.

His American Detective

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The sole survivor of his family's gruesome murder years earlier, "Poor Little Ned Lawton" has struggled to put the dark events behind him. So when a brash New York detective darkens his doorway demanding an interview, the wealthy young gentleman immediately shuts him out. But a rash of murders in America are mirroring of the London killings, and Patrick Kelly knows Ned might be the key to stopping the bloodshed.

Lawton, now called Edmund Sloan, is a wealthy young gentleman and philanthropist. He's spent most of his life pushing all memories of his old family and that horrific day from his thoughts. Now the provocative American detective insists he dredge up the past.

Together, Patrick and the unwilling Edmund must uncover the truth of the murders before the killer strikes again, whether it is in New York or London. As they hunt down secrets from his past, Edmund can't hide his other secret from the sharp-eyed detective: the attraction he feels for men and the enticing Patrick in particular.