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His Scottish Detective, the third book in the series is now available! It's a Kindle Unlimited book for the next few months, so it's only available at Amazon. 

The books are very much stand-alone. 

here's the description!
Joshua Smith had no reason to trust the cop who’d saved his life. After all, to the son of a criminal, a rozzer is the enemy. But when ex-Sergeant Ross Munro is hired to discover why Joshua’s bride disappeared, Joshua agrees to help. Guilt-ridden because he’d vowed to protect Matilda, the pregnant girl he was forced to wed, Joshua is driven to help her. Partnering with the Scottish detective might solve one problem…and raise others.

Haunted by the memory of a woman he couldn’t save, independent investigator Ross Munro is determined to locate Matilda. Her marriage to Joshua is clearly a sham, but Joshua’s role in her disappearance is less obvious . Worse, muddying it all is Ross’s unexpected attraction to the scowling, growling bruiser. An attraction that Joshua seems game to explore.
On a desperate search for the missing woman, their tenuous bonds of trust are tested when betrayal is unearthed, murder’s afoot, and loyalties are questioned. Unraveling this mystery may unite two men from opposite sides of the law…or drive the cop and the criminal apart.


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The second book in the Gay Victorian Detective series is written, edited, proofread, given a nice cover (see below) and ready to go! No, not so fast....I'm trying for a Scout contract and looking for nominations. 

If you go to this spot, and nominate my book, even if I don't get into Scout, you'll get another book from me -- I set up my "aw, I didn't win but thanks for voting for me" message to make sure of that. 

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His American Detective

His American Detective

A Victorian detective romance. An American detective must convince a British gentlemen to visit the painful past... "an extraordinary trip back to early Victorian England with Patrick Kelly, a brash American ex-cop of Irish descent turning his now private investigative sights on the brutal murder 10 years before." --Amazon review 

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So many new covers!

So many new covers!

For now this is a KU book, which means it's free for Kindle Unlimited members! 


Jake Bander lives alone and likes it that way. . . 

Jake is a bander, a type of shifter and a notoriously taciturn loner. As a boy, he was rescued by a man who ran an animal rescue preserve and now Jake runs the place. He's content keeping his secret, and accepts the truth: he'll always be a solitary creature. 

Vaughn Prentiss is a trust-fund baby--exactly the sort of summer visitor who gets on Jake's last nerve. Vaughn is only slightly shaken in his unruffled existence after an encounter with Jake, the cranky loner he's undeniably attracted to. 

Happy-go-lucky, rambling Vaughn plans to stay with his cousin at her beach house for a short time but his plans change forever when his cousin's husband leaves the country with the family fortune. 

When Jake offers the newly-poor Vaughn a job he immediately regrets his decision because he has trouble keeping his paws off his newest employee. To protect his shifter privacy, he needs Vaughn gone. And to help the man he's learning to admire, Jake takes on the job of tracking the lost fortune and danger. 

This is a reprint of a Samhain title. 

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The Gentleman and the Lamplighter

THE GENTLEMAN AND THE LAMPLIGHTER is a historical romance NOVELLA about two men from different worlds who find acceptance--and red-hot passion--in each other's arms. From Summer Devon, who writes "gay Victorian romance with emotional tension" (Publishers Weekly). 

You Can't Walk Away from Love. 
Destroyed by the death of his former schoolmate yet unable to show it publicly, Giles Fullerton has taken to walking the streets of London in the middle of the night, the only time he can safely mourn the only person he's ever loved--until one chance meeting with a lamplighter changes everything....

 But You Can Walk Toward It... Widower John Banks knows a thing or two about grief, and immediately recognizes a kindred spirit when he finally meets the handsome, haunted gentleman he's admired from afar. And in fact, the two men discover shared passions and the possibility of a forever love--if they can overcome social taboos, and their own fears....

A free read!

A Scent of Hope is a m/m historical about a man about to be hanged and the last letter he writes. . .

A FREE short story written as a part of the M/M Romance Group's "Love’s Landscapes" event. Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice. Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story.

Dear Author,
I am getting really tired of the waiting. No one told me that waiting to die would be quite this boring. So to pass the time, I wrote a letter to my sister, but somehow my letter got to the wrong person. Who do I end up writing? Did I really commit the murder I will hang for? Can whoever my mysterious pen pal is get me out of the mess?

Photo Description:
A man in his early twenties looks scruffy in a bloodstained shirt covered by a dusty leather coat. His handsome face wears a slight smirk, which is odd, considering the very large noose around his neck.

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"If you like historicals and a bit of period "gallows humor" (pun intended), if you enjoy your nerves being stretched to their limit as you follow the seemingly unavoidable, and if you're looking for a read that is as fascinating and intense as it is likely to fill you with welcome relief once you make it to the end, the you will probably like this free short story."

--Serena, Goodreads member