The Hanged Man's Hero

Condemned for murder, Dez Moore awaits the hangman’s noose. Though he killed to defend a woman, the court shows no mercy, and, resigned, he attempts to make amends with his estranged sister. His letter bidding his sister good-bye falls into the wrong hands, and suddenly, he is facing another future—one that may exist, thanks to a man he doesn’t know. 

Once a poor mudlark, Carl Reis is a powerful businessman with an erratic impulse to save desperate people. When Dez’s letter comes to him, he takes an interest in the prisoner. But the charming and disruptive Dez Moore proves to be more attractive than any of his other rescues. He stirs urges Carl has long suppressed, and makes him yearn for a future even he could not foresee. One with the lively Mr. Moore by his side and in his bed. 

Long used to doing for others—some might say controlling them--while maintaining his solitary existence, Carl struggles to keep Dez from breaching his walls. But the tenacious Dez will do all it takes to capture his rescuer’s heart.

This is an expanded version of The Scent of Hope, a Goodreads free read.


Tail of the Dog

Love dogs and smoking hot men? The Love Off Leash series is for you. Different authors. Unrelated stories. Shared theme of new love and pets.

Attorney Sam Trevisani never thought he’d play the bad guy, but now his job makes him the enemy of every dog owner in town—and whenever he meets his main opponent, Dan Bailey, the vet gives him the evil eye. Tired of playing for the wrong side, Sam has to find a solution. Maybe the tempting Dr. Bailey can help him find a solution for his restless need for change. Or maybe it’s his attraction to the vet that pushes him to pay a late-night visit.

Tired of town politics and manipulative games, Dan has no interest in helping the flashy lawyer. Yet Sam's dogged interest in him proves oddly appealing. Dan reluctantly allows the attractive lawyer into his house, and sparks fly. Sam doesn't mind hookups, but Dan doesn't do them--yet in one night, they both change their minds.

Determined to keep Dan from running away from something promising between them, Sam has to get past his attorney uncle, Dan's pack of misfit dogs, and a powerful but unpleasant client who could end not only the town's chance for a dog park but any chance of romance between the lawyer and the vet.

A brand-new novella by award-winning author Summer Devon

Customer Reviews

A fun, light read

his is a quick, fun, sweet, humorous story. It was light and filled with laughter. Sam was by far my favorite character. His whole personality held a sort of schoolboy mentality. I don’t know if he was truly as clueless as he sounded at times or he was just that adorable. Maybe a little of both.

This is an enemies to lovers story without a doubt. When Sam and Dan first meet they are on opposite sides of the fence. Sam is a lawyer for a tightwad and Dan wants a dog park on the land that the tightwad owns. You can see where this is problematic.

We follow the two guys as they explore what they want. Dan with his tons of dogs and laid back attitude. Sam with no dogs and a very lonely life. It is very fast paced, maybe too fast at times. I wanted more time with Sam and Dan to truly feel the chemistry. It was there but slight. I wanted more because they were so lovely.

This is a no angst book. Next to no conflict. A truly feel good book that just puts a smile on your face. Summer Devon's writing is as lovely as ever and I'm always a fan of her style.

Who doesn't like a little fluff romance to start off the summer

A light, lovely read. Who doesn't like a little fluff romance to start off the summer?