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The second book in the Gay Victorian Detective series is written, edited, proofread, given a nice cover (see below) and ready to go! No, not so fast....I'm trying for a Scout contract and looking for nominations. 

If you go to this spot, and nominate my book, even if I don't get into Scout, you'll get another book from me -- I set up my "aw, I didn't win but thanks for voting for me" message to make sure of that. 

We have another 25 days! Go, nominate me! Please! Thanks! Okay! 

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His American Detective

His American Detective

A Victorian detective romance. An American detective must convince a British gentlemen to visit the painful past... "an extraordinary trip back to early Victorian England with Patrick Kelly, a brash American ex-cop of Irish descent turning his now private investigative sights on the brutal murder 10 years before." --Amazon review 

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