Summer Devon

Romance Author

The Psychic and the Sleuth


Trusting a psychic flash might solve a mystery…and lead to love.

Inspector Robert Court should have felt a sense of justice when a rag-and-bones man went to the gallows for murdering his cousin. Yet something has never felt right about the investigation. Robert’s relentless quest for the truth has annoyed his superintendent, landing him lowly assignments such as foiling a false medium who’s fleecing the wives of the elite.

Oliver Marsh plays the confidence game of spiritualism, though his flashes of insight often offer his clients some comfort. Despite the presence of an attractive, if sneering, non-believer at a séance, he carries on—and experiences a horrifying psychic episode in which he experiences a murder as the victim.

There’s only one way for Court to learn if the young, dangerously attractive Marsh is his cousin’s killer or a real psychic: spend as much time with him as possible. Despite his resolve to focus on his job, Marsh somehow manages to weave a seductive spell around the inspector’s straight-laced heart.

Gradually, undeniable attraction overcomes caution. The two men are on the case, and on each other, as they race to stop a murderer before he kills again.

Warning: Graphic language and hot male/male sex with light BDSM themes. Despite “Descriptions of Murderous Acts” perpetrated by an unhinged killer, resist the temptation to cover your eyes—you’ll miss the good parts!


Reviews by Jessewave, Cryselle
It has a lot of elements done very well, with a good flavor of the late Victorian age, a well executed external mystery and a couple who overcome a number of problems to be together

Sensual Reads, 4.5 stars
We experience murder and mayhem, illicit love and passion as well as a satisfaction as we immerse ourselves in the story of Court and Oliver.

Book Review, Toni Sweeney, 5 stars
An erotic M/M and a great thriller besides. ... Court is a good counterpoint to the psychic and almost his opposite in personality, granite-like and self-contained, while Marsh is dramatic and sensitive to a fault. Each man has a full background, and there is equal concentration on their love for each other as well as the story. Even the villain gets his share of a back story. The sights, sounds, and smells of London are there in full force, and it all comes together in a gripping—and chilling—story of love and death, illicit passion and murder.

Speak Its Name blog, Erastes
This, quite apart from the gay romance within it, is a good Victorian sleuth story which stands firmly on its own two feet. You could remove the gay romance and the detective story would still be viable, and that’s needed in the genre, too many stories simply concentrate on the meeting and eventual falling in love.
What I liked most is that both characters, whilst developing in their personality throughout, both for the better, remained true to their core beliefs.

Queer Magazine Online, Lena
This is a great love story intertwined with mystery, suspense, intrigue, murder, ardent trysts, and two fascinating men who, together, are unstoppable. If you enjoy romantic historical fiction with lots of action and passion, you will enjoy 'The Psychic and the Sleuth.'

Library Journal, Melanie Duncan
A solid historical that will appeal to fans of the authors’ The Gentleman and the Rogue, which won the 2011 Passionate Plume Award for Historical Romance.

Summer Devon