Summer Devon

Romance Author

Goodbye Phillip

This novella is free at allromanceebooks and in the goodreads group. When you buy it at Amazon, I donate my profits to AIDS/lifecycle

I wrote this novella for the huge-and-growing m/m group over at Goodreads.

Authors pick a photo and a prompt and write a story based on both.

STORY PROMPT: (written by Urbanista)
"I must have been on a new papa high! Whatever made me think I could prepare a gourmet christening dinner for our new baby girl? I hope he comes back with the christening cake soon--why is he calling me now? it's getting late...hey babe! what do you mean my baby craziness is freaking you out? what do you mean you need some 'me' time?? what do you mean you're at the airport??"

Phillip flew the coop, and now Stefan must cope on his own, with a new baby. When members of the baby's biological family show up for his party, he fears the worst--they'll want her back.

Greg doesn't want a long-term romance and he is certainly not interested in babies. He paid his dues with his big family back when he was a teenager. But there is something about Stefan that might make him reconsider...

Summer Devon