Summer Devon's Titles:

TOP = “Touch of Paranormal.”  The whole universe is just slightly off in these books, but it’s our world, with small, sometimes secret touches here and there.

The Knight’s Challenge (paranormal novella), Samhain also available in Dragon anthology
Learning Charity (historical novella), Samhain
Protecting Miss Samuels (historical novella)
Revealing Skills (fantasy), Samhain
Taken Unaware (paranormal contemporary), Samhain
Direct Deposit (contemporary novella, in Who’s Your Daddy anthology), Total-e-bound
Irrational Arousal (contemporary TOP), Samhain
Perfection (contemporary novella TOP), Ellora’s Cave also available in anthology
Invisible Touch (contemporary novella,TOP), Ellora’s Cave also available in anthology
Unnatural Calamities (contemporary), Ellora’s Cave
Futurelove (contemporary novella, TOP), Ellora’s Cave also available in anthology
Her Outlandish Stranger (historical time-travel), Ellora’s Cave
Elemental Man (novella, TOP)
Predator's Passion (historical ménage TOP book 1  Varelse / formerly titled Claws on Silk), with Linda Gayle
Taming the Bander (m/m contemporary TOP book 2 Varlese), Samhain
Revealing the Beast (m/m contemporary TOP book 3 Varelse), Samhain
Goodbye Phillip free m/m contemporary novella from Goodreads (available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for 99 cents.)
Tail of the Dog  free m/m contemporary novella from Goodreads (available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble for 99 cents.)
Game On (m/m contemporary novella)
Sibling Rivals (m/m contemporary) Samhain
The Gentleman and the Lamplighter (m/m historical)

With Bonnie Dee:

Seducing Stephen (m/m historical), Loose-Id
The Gentleman and the Rogue (m/m historical), Loose-Id
The Nobleman and the Spy (m/m historical), Loose-Id
Sin and the Preacher's Son (m/m historical), Loose-Id
The Psychic and the Sleuth (m/m historical TOP), Samhain
The Gentleman's Keeper (m/m historical), Samhain
The Gentleman's Madness (m/m historical), Samhain
Serious Play (m/f contemporary, also available as audiobook), Carina
Fugitive Heart (m/f contemporary), Samhain

Coming Sept 2014--

Mending Him (m/m historical) Samhain

Kate Rothwell's Titles:

Somebody Wonderful (historical), Kensington
Somebody To Love (historical), Kensington
Someone to Cherish (historical)
Her Mad Baron (historical)
Powder of Sin (historical TOP)
Love Between the Lines (historical)
The Earl, a Girl and a Promise (historical)
Thank You, Mrs. M (contemporary)
Seducing Miss Dunaway (historical novella—FREE!)
The Last Mind Traveler (fantasy)